One module and one belt. That’s Curt!

Curt is certainly the most ambivalent sofasystem in the world. Anyone who can make a decision here is probably a bit odd. Curt creates lustful indecision. Who wants to make a decision when so many options are still waiting to be tried out?

Curt is probably also the simplest sofasystem in the world. There is only one modular form, a pouf. If you connect these invariable modules via the patent pending connection system, sofas can be created in every imaginable configuration. Infinite possibilities. And can be changed at any time into any imaginable configuration.

Curt is probably also the most flexible sofasystem in the world. It is not only the combination of the modules that allows infinite variations. Curt‘s cover, can be dismantled into two parts, allowing a play of colours that has never been seen before.

Design: Malte Grieb und Joa Herrenknecht