Neues bei AMBIVALENZ – Herbst Neuheiten


AMBIVALENZ is developing and now offers even more arguments for being indecisive. We have taken our time and integrated our customers’ feedback into the development of new versions of our Fläpps series. By doing so, we have focussed on the functional aspects of our furniture even more: a flexible kitchen table representing the essence of the space-saving living, the Secretary of State with additional storage space and the Add On Upanddown making most products of the Fläpps Series adjustable in height. And the result is presentable:


When folded away the General Secretary is restraint like a statesman and you can hardly suspect his full potential. Unfolded however, diplomacy comes to a quick end – the wall-secretary brags its concentrated power of function on minimal space. With a total thickness of only 6 cm the minimalist wallpocket made of canvas offers space for laptops, power adapters, magazines and of course for scissors, pens and paper.



No space table! This small folding table can show off its strength whenever space is limited.
A breakfast for two, additional working space for cutting veggies, the stadium for the next board game battle or anything thats comes to your mind for the keyword kitchen table. Hence this folding wall table represents the essence of flexible and space-saving living.



This makeup mirror is the flat brother of Schminktank for those who already have the right place to put their makeup utensils. The wall shelf with mirror disappears on the wall in no time and and can be put up if required.



The Fläpps shelves are now supplemented by the formats 60x40cm and 60x27cm, in order to meet even more application possibilities. They fit perfectly into every fitted kitchen thanks to their width of 60cm.



Turn your Fläpps desk into a standing workplace in no time. Make the height of your Fläpps table grow with your kids or share your standing foldable desk with people of different height. Using the longer mounting slats you can easily change the working height of your Fläpps secretary or even the Fläpps shelves and wardrobes. To keep them as discreet as possible the visible ends of the slats come in white finish.



The new products are now available in our Onlineshop.